Aim Training is owned and operated by Dale Brown.  Aim Training is a company that trains in Martial Arts and promotes spiritual growth in the Christian faith.  Taekwondo, Defensive Pistol, and Archery are all disciplines that have been or are currently used in combat. While some of the disciplines taught are more modern and practical as a defense tools, the older and less orthodox have benefits in developing concentration, focus and goal setting.  

Mr. Brown began studying Tae Kwon Do from 1994 under 9th Degree Grand Master Mel Griggs in Scottsbluff Nebraska. He is a 2nd Degree Black Belt Level Tae Kwon Do Instructor.  During this time he also competed in High School Wrestling and trained in Brazilian Jujitsu.  He and his sister helped manage American Karate Concepts, which was the largest Martial Arts Training Center in Scottsbluff Nebraska.  Mr. Brown has had the privilege of training in some of the best self-defense systems.  He has trained in Indonesian martial arts under Master Bob Orlando and Pilipino Martial Arts under Dog Brothers instructor Eric Taimanglo. He has trained in Aki-Jujitsu under 9th Degree Grand Master Don Phelps and had the privilege of attending Small Circle Jujitsu training sessions with the late Grand Master Wally Jay. Mr. Brown is also certified as a Level 1 Double-Goal- Coach with the Positive Coaching Alliance. After much prayer, Mr. Brown decided to use this opportunity in martial arts ministry and martial arts training to reach the lost and help other Christian Martial Artist’s. He is the Head Instructor for Aim Training, operating Christian Tae Kwon Do Alliance and Karate for Christ International curriculum.

Dale Brown began martial arts training at a young age. Like most boys growing up in the mid-west he had a passion for the out doors, particularly shooting sports. At the age of 10 his parents bought him his first bow and arrow. He participated in 4H shooting clubs and He trained and competed in school events. As an adult he has competed in competition field archer in both hunter and traditional classes. He has also work in the archer industry as an archery technician. Currently Mr. Brown is certified to coach using USA Archery curriculum. It is his goal to start new archers down the correct path in to a challenging yet rewarding hobby that builds focus and concentration.

Additionally, Mr. Brown has had extensive firearms and hand-to-hand training throughout a 15-year military career. Graduating from the Combat Arms Apprentice Course in 2004, he later became the Non Commissioned Officer In Charge of Range Operations at Ellsworth AFB. He deployed several times to combat zones as a firearms instructor and subject matter expert on firearms tactics.   He is a graduate of the US Army Special Reaction Team Course and USAF Active Shooter Response Trainers Course.  He used this training to manage a Military Police Special Reaction team at Moody AFB.  He has recently taken his past training and applied it to the development of the Beyond License to Carry Course.  He has also completed U.S. Army Combatives program and Practical Application of Restraint Techniques. He holds instructor rating in the U.S. Air Force Combatives program, Mechanical Advantage Control Holds, Security Forces Combatives program and Individual Non-lethal weapons Instructor.  It is his goal in the near future to offer a new blended Martial Arts system that is efferent and practical for the needs of the self-defense practitioner today.

Mr. Brown has an enormous concern for the youth of America, as well as in local communities. He believes that, due to the lack of positive role models in society today and a lack of structured programs with the ability to teach life-skills and personal development, our communities are faced with a huge void, which will have a negative effect on our youth and future generations.  This encompasses much more than traditional martial arts instruction can offer, therefore to address these issues, Mr. Brown has dedicated himself to go beyond the normal outreaches of the Church to reach our world for Jesus. Mr. Brown has many goals in life, but his main motivation is to hear these words, “Well done my good and faithful servant enter into the joy of your Lord”.