AIM Training Academy offers a Christ-centered program dedicated to reaching the lost, fostering spiritual growth and physical development of its members through the faithful proclamation of God’s Word, through the discipline of martial arts training, and Christian love that brings the body of Christ together in unity. 

Reaching the lost requires contact with lost people. We accomplish this by holding open Tae Kwon Do classes, evangelistically focused demonstrations, rank testing’s, award ceremonies, and participation in tournaments. Martial Arts activities create a means to bring lost people into a relationship with us allowing them to hear and experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our goal to teach real Tae Kwon Do, to do this our Instructors will push students mentally and physically to be their best as Christians and Martial Artists allowing them to develop skills that will enhance their lives.

We provide an atmosphere that avoids the Eastern philosophies prevalent in many martial arts schools, while maintaining an environment and martial arts curriculum beneficial to improving the student’s physical and spiritual well being with discipline, focus, self-control, respect, goal setting, and responsibility.