Thursday  8PM-9PM at the MRC

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Mr. Brown is now an official coach for Pankration through the United States Fight League U.S.F.L. 

AIM Training’s Pankration system is a unique system of mixed martial arts designed to be effective in the ever-changing world of self-defense. It also allows athletes to train to compete in U.S.F.L. sanctioned events. 

Modern Pankration is a Mixed Martial Art that encompasses Grappling and Limited Contact Striking. Rules emphasize technique and sportsmanship making this a safe sport, suitable for competitors of all ages from all styles of Martial Art.

The primary emphasis of the USFL is to develop strong youth character from rigorous competition.

All ages are encouraged to train and compete in U.S.F.L. sanctioned events. The rules for Pankration have been adapted to allow safe competition amongst athletes. Click the USFL logo below for more information. 



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